Yoo Ah In Faces Second Police Interrogation Tomorrow: Agency Denies Receiving Notice

Actor Yoo Ah In is facing his second police investigation tomorrow (May 11th) on suspicion of drug use. 

Channel A reported on May 10th that Yoo Ah In will attend the second police summons investigation on May 11th. However, his agency UAA stated, “We have not received anything related to the summons investigation from the police.”


Earlier, on May 8th, Woo Jong Soo, head of the National Investigation Division of the National Police Agency, said in a regular press conference, “We plan to summon Yoo Ah In once more. We will conduct an additional investigation because the previous investigation was not resolved, and we plan to determine whether to handle it as a new case.”

Yoo Ah In is currently facing allegations of taking five different drugs, including propofol, marijuana, ketamine, zolpidem, and cocaine. Regarding the recent suspicion of zolpidem prescription, his agency denied the allegations, saying that he had been taking sleeping pills for a long time due to insomnia, but had recently switched to another ingredient and had never used it for any other purpose than sleep.


In addition to Yoo Ah In, four others around him, including a writer and YouTuber who have been close to Yoo Ah In, have been booked for violating drug control laws and have been converted to suspects. They were also on the same flight with Yoo Ah In when he returned to Korea from the United States in February.

Initially, they were only considered witnesses, but their status changed to suspects after it was confirmed that they had assisted or directly administered drugs to Yoo Ah In.


The police also raided their residences at the end of last month, like they did with Yoo Ah In, and it was reported that there were individuals who also tested positive for marijuana.

In March, Yoo Ah In was investigated for about 12 hours on suspicion of violating the Drug Control Act. After the summons investigation, he apologized, saying, “During the time of reflection when the case was revealed and when it was inadequate, I clearly realized that my mistake was an unforgivable wrongdoing that cannot be excused by any excuse. I will sincerely cooperate with the upcoming investigation and accept all criticism and legal judgment. I apologize deeply once again.

Source: Daum

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