“Icon of freewheeling” Sulli, walking down the street in comfortable attire

Singer-actress Sulli once again strutted the streets with “no Bra”, heralding controversy.

Early May 22th, Sulli uploaded a video of her recent life on her personal SNS Instagram, along with a caption saying, “Where are you going?”

Sulli in the video was walking down the street wearing a pink sleeveless top. Sulli was wearing a body-tight top which showed her body line but was not wearing a bra.

Sulli has been criticized several times by some netizens for this actions. However, Sulli uploaded a video of “No bra” once again, as if saying, “I don’t care.

Regardless of the controversy, Sulli’s free expression and her brigh smile while strolling down the street is indeed attractive.

Meanwhile, regarding her controversial “no bra” fashion, Sulli said earlier, “Are you worried about me? I’m not even worried for myself, I’m fine. But I really don’t like people who rape me with their eyes,” she said.

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