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“Running Man” members visit Kim Jong-kook’s house… Song Ji-hyo introduces, “This is my newlywed home”

Song Ji-hyo is seen enjoying her love line with Kim Jong-kook again.

SBS’s “Running Man”, which aired at 5 p.m on July 3rd, showed the members visiting Kim Jong-kook’s house.

Yoo Jae-seok, Jeon So-min, and Yang Se-chan gathered in the parking lot of Kim Jong-kook’s house. As soon as Song Ji-hyo appeared, they said, “I think she’s just come down here from her house”.

In response, Song Ji-hyo said, “My newlywed home is here”, adding, “Since I invited you here, enjoy as much as you want”. Yang Se-chan laughed and commented, “Was it ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’?”. Yoo Jae-seok jokingly said, “Ah, are we coming to the filming set of ‘My Little Old Boy’?”.

Later when they went up to Kim Jong-kook’s house, Song Ji-hyo naturally pressed the password but it turned out to be wrong, making everyone laugh so hard.

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