Knetz’ theory about the time Dispatch exposed the couple Jennie and G-Dragon: Why now even though they’ve been dating for a year?

 There are even doubts that other entertainment companies were ‘getting involved’ in Dispatch’s decision this time.

 This morning, the dating news of G-Dragon (Big Bang) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) revealed through an exclusive article of Dispatch has gained the attention of Kpop fan communities everywhere along with Korean netizens. YG Entertainment’s vague response, claiming that they cannot confirm G-Dragon and Jennie dating or not because this is a matter of the artist’s privacy, has further made fans believe what Dispatch exposed the truth.

Dispatch exposed the couple Jennie and GDragon

 Immediately after this news was published, the online community began to recall the “prediction” that SBS reporters made at the end of 2020. Accordingly, G-Dragon and Jennie are said to be a pair of senior – junior under the same agency that SBS mentioned in predictions about which artists will be exposed by Dispatch on January 1st this year.

 But from here on, questions began to arise about why G-Dragon and Jennie’s relationship was announced today while they have been dating for 1 year and it seems that the industry more or less knew about their romantic relationship.  Among many speculations given, Korean netizens are currently leaning towards the “conspiracy theories” that publicizing the relationship of the two YG idols is a way to distract the attention of the public from a series of scandals that are erupting at Korean showbiz in recent days.

Dispatch exposed the couple Jennie and GDragon

 Over the past few days, more than 10 famous artists, including actors and idols, have been accused of school violence in the past. Most notably, this morning, before the dating news of G-Dragon and Jennie was uploaded, the Korean internet had a hard time with the news of a former Korean soccer star being accused of sexually harassing juniors in elementary school. The Korean public speculated that the soccer star mentioned here is Ki Sung Yueng, and the player’s name climbed to the top trend even before Dispatch published their exclusive article.

 After information from Dispatch was shared publicly, all the top searches, top trends on famous Korean online sites are flooded with keywords related to G-Dragon and Jennie. This is the reason why the online community believes that the purpose of “uncovering” the relationship of the two YG idols at this time is nothing but “burying” bullying and harassing scandals these days.  Many people even suspect that other entertainment companies have paid Dispatch to announce the relationship of G-Dragon and Jennie to save the unfavorable situation for their artists.

Dispatch exposed the couple Jennie and GDragon
Dispatch exposed the couple Jennie and GDragon

 – “Crazy, everything related to school violence is out of top trending. Looks like other companies paid to hide the bullying accusations…”

 – “Actually I only have one thought that someone deliberately made Dispatch exposed dating at this moment to cover up school violence”

 – “Because of G-Dragon and Jennie, now Ki Sung Yueng’s sexual harassment case has been buried.”

 – “Currently showbiz is very noisy because of the school violence allegations. In addition, early this morning there was a case of football player being accused of sexual harassment. In such a time, can G-Dragon and Jennie dating be revealed as a coincidence? They are obviously trying to direct the public’s attention to G-Dragon and Jennie. Dispatch has done this not only once or twice. Their true intentions have been revealed, it’s dirty. What’s so proud of invading other people’s private lives like that ㅋㅋ “

 – “If they have been dating for a year then Dispatch could have revealed it on January 1st ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Obviously they only released it now intentionally to cover up for the bullying idols and actors, it’s crazy. “

Dispatch exposed the couple Jennie and GDragon

 – “Just want to say that this news was published right after the sexual harassment incident of a football team player in our country.”

 – “1. There was an article saying that firefighters and medical staff were threatened to be at a disadvantage if they did not inject Astra (COVID-19 vaccine). 2. There was an article about theestablishment of a medical cooperation organization with North Korea at the DMZ to send medical staff to North Korea. The dating news is released to bury these two news. Please read the social news too ㅠ  It’s really serious. “

 – “ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ Am I the only one that is not surprised? Compared to this, the fact that the keywords about school violence are completely out of the top search and are slowly being buried that really surprised me more; “

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