Finally, the controversy of Lim Young Woong’s 0 broadcast score against LE SSERAFIM came to an end

KBS, which is suspected of robbing singer Lim Young Woong of his win by manipulating his broadcast score on “Music Bank”, explained their reasons.

According to Sports Trend on October 14th, it was confirmed that the Seoul Yeongdeungpo Police Station was investigating KBS by converting the broadcasting station KBS into a suspect. It is reported that KBS submitted materials related to the scoring criteria for the broadcast of “Music Bank” to the police.

lim young-woong

Earlier, Lim Young Woong scored 0 points in the broadcast score category on a May episode of KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank”, leading to LE SSERAFIM to win first place. Confused over this result, Lim Young Woong’s fan club asked KBS to explain the ranking selection criteria, citing the fact that Lim Young Woong’s album and music scores were higher.

Lim Young-woong

CP Han Dong Gyu, who is in charge of “Music Bank”, explained, “During the period of this ranking, KBS TV, radio, and digital contents did not broadcast Lim Young Woong’s “If We Ever Meet Again”.

Also, regarding the broadcasting score of 0, he said, “In a survey conducted by the KBS Public Media Research Institute on 17,609 national panelists, the song showed a 0% response rate.”

Source: wikitree

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