“Monster rookie” IVE sets new records after getting their 10th music show win

Is IVE on their way to become one of the top 4th generation girl groups?

In the latest episode of Show! Music Core on January 22, the winning trophy belonged to IVE with the song ELEVEN. The rookie girl group surpassed two other strong nominees for first place, Dreams Come True (aespa) and DrunKen Confession (Kim Min Seok).

Monster rookie IVE
IVE won No. 1 on Show! Music Core on January 22

Up to now, IVE has bagged 10 music show wins only 2 months into their debut. The group officially broke ITZY’s record to become the girl group whose debut song earned the most wins in the history of Korean weekly music shows.

IVE also achieved many impressive titles such as: The girl group with the fastest music show win in history (7 days), The group that reached 5.1 million monthly listeners the fastest in Spotify history, The girl group that sold 100,000 copies the fastest on Hanteo, The fastest song of a 4th generation idol to reach 40 million streams…

IVE is outstanding in all 3 aspects, digital music, physical sales and fanbase. They are proving to be a formidable contender to top the 4th generation of Kpop 4th generation. Starship’s rookie not only stands out in the new generation of idols but also manages to put their name next to senior girl groups thanks to their records. 

Monster rookie IVE
IVE is involved in several controversies, but their achievements can’t be underestimated

IVE recently continued to extend their long list of achievements as they have become the next girl group after BLACKPINK and the only girl group since 2018 to earn the Quadruple Crown (4 consecutive wins) title on Show! Music Core. 

Monster rookie IVE
Monster rookie IVE
… and ITZY both lost their title to IVE

IVE is really the most trending name in the Korean music industry at the moment. Not having the “smooth sailing”  start  from a big company, but IVE is fortunate to have Jang Wonyoung and Yujin, 2 former members of IZ*ONE who own a loyal and stable fandom. However, a series of scandals about talent and attitude made IVE gradually lose points in the public eye.

Monster rookie IVE
Monster rookie IVE
… and Yujin are the two factors that helped IVE get a lot of attention when they just debuted

Currently, the group has joined ITZY and aespa to lead the new generation of girl groups. But just like that old saying, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”, netizens are extremely expecting the group to improve their skills and attitudes so that they won’t be quickly forgotten when potential “rookies” from other big companies come in droves this year.

  • ELEVEN is really good. I really like the cover version by Soyou, it’s smoother!
  • I hope you can prove your strength through the next comebacks.
  • Congratulations on IVE but please don’t drag BLACKPINK into it. Since when did my unnies become the measure to compare between other girl groups?
  • Why is IVE so good too?
  • The other day there was an article that someone surpassed BTS’ achievements, BLINK immediately flew in to argue. Now that history repeats, when BLACKPINK was usurped, BLINKs also ruffled to protect their idols. Isn’t that a double standard or something?
  • Probably IVE is the top 1 in the 4th Gen already, aespa and ITZY have never achieved this.
  • I really like ELEVEN but there’s no need to mention BLACKPINK here?
  • aespa and this group are the most impressive 4th Gen groups!
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