“If an actress gets pregnant, her job is interrupted,” “First Child” Park Ha Sun shared her story as a working mom

“Korean actresses usually have their career interrupted when they became pregnant. Taking chance of that hiatus, I breastfed my child for about 15 months.”

Actress Park Ha Sun (36) said in an interview held at a cafe in Seoul on the morning of Nov 1st, “I took a rest while raising my child at home. I thought giving birth to my child was the best thing I ever did in my life, but I was also frustrated because I was a working person as well. I couldn’t even go out anywhere. One day, while I was breastfeeding my child, I was suddenly contacted by my friends to hang out with them. I cried alone after telling them that I couldn’t go. My husband came in and asked me, ‘What’s wrong?’ That day I cried my eyes out. Perhaps because I felt that emotion, I sympathized with ‘First Child’ a lot. My child is so pretty, but I sympathized with how I couldn’t go to work and there is always a limit even if I return to my workplace,” she shared.

Park Ha Sun

Park Ha Sun, who married actor Ryu Soo-young (44) in 2017 and gave birth to their first daughter in the same year, confessed that she felt the joy and happiness of raising a child after giving birth, but it was not easy from the beginning when she was hit with reality. She even reportedly had postpartum depression.

However, Park Ha Sun said that she and her husband Ryu Soo Young click well with the parenting methods, adding, “Our couple’s motto is put onto our career, and that it shouldn’t be disturbed. We also used postpartum helpers and there was an auntie who helps us. I met good people, but it is not easy to leave my child to others. My parents helped me a lot too,” she said.

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When asked how she overcame those hard times, she said, “In fact, it just passed naturally rather than me trying to overcome it. It’s so nice to be able to work after returning. Work was so hard in my 20s. In the past, I just thought we had to work, but now work is so precious and fun to me,” she replied.

Park Ha Sun said she had a dream of getting married in her 20s. “I wanted to get married quickly because I was unstable in my 20s. Of course, there are changes or unwanted things that come after childbirth. But I didn’t blame my child. I had severe insomnia in my 20s, but these days, I sleep right away when I lie down. Thanks to my baby, I slept well, cried well, and became emotional. There’s a lot to be thankful for now. I also learned the feelings I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t given birth to her,” she shared her changes after becoming a mother.

Park Ha Sun

Park Ha Sun continued, “There are difficulties I have to face while working as an actress. In the past, I endured it alone, but now I try to overcome it with the thought of ‘protecting my child.’ I sometimes feel frustrated that I’m tied up, but I never have the thought of ‘What if I don’t have a child?’ I don’t think I can live without my baby now,” she said, expressing her motherly love for his daughter.

Source: Daum

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