Song Joong Ki declares war against Lee Sung Min… “I plan to buy Sunyang with my own money” (Reborn Rich)

“Reborn Rich” Song Joong Ki expressed his ambitions and declared war against Lee Sung Min.

In episode 7 of JTBC’s Fri-Sat-Sun drama “Reborn Rich“, which aired on Dec 3rd, Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) revealed to Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) that he was a major shareholder of “Miracle”.

Reborn Rich

Jin Yang Chul was bewildered, “Are you the major shareholder who was hiding behind Oh Se Hyun (Park Hyuk Kwon)?” He then looked at Jin Do Joon and said, “Did you insult me and take the Seoul Town construction with Choi Chang Je (Kim Do Hyun) at the forefront?

Jin Yang Chul asked, “Is Jin Do Joon, the youngest grandson of Jin Yang Chul, the child who took advantage of me and stole stocks?

Reborn Rich

Jin Do Joon admitted, “Yes. All of them are my decisions as a major shareholder of Miracle.

Jin Yang Chul got angry, “Why did you do that? Did you think I’d pass on Sunyang to you, who isn’t even my eldest grandson?

Reborn Rich

Jin Do Joon declared war, “No. I’m going to buy it. Sunyang. I plan to buy Sunyang with my own money.”

Source: Daum

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