Exposing ‘Nevertheless’ Kim Min Gwi’s adultery: revealing the identity of his “other woman”

‘Nevertheless’ Kim Min Gwi’s adultery scandal emerged with new “shocking” revelations.

On July 25, the supporting actor Kim Min Gwi of hot drama ‘Nevertheless‘ was suddenly accused by his ex-girlfriend of cheating on her, verbal violence and even escaping from quarantine after being treated for COVID-19 to meet his “other woman”. Kim Min Gwi later admitted that he cheated on his girlfriend, but denied escaping from quarantine. After that, scenes starring him were removed from ‘Nevertheless’.

Exposing 'Nevertheless' Kim Min Gwi's adultery: revealing the identity of his "other woman"

The identity of the girl with whom Kim Min Gwi had an affair has also been revealed. That is, according to Wikitree, the well-known model Park Hee Jung. Park Hee Jung is a famous Korean model, who has appeared in campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Versace, Marc Jacobs, and Michael Kors. She also got into the top 50 of the worldwide model rankings in October 2019. Accordingly, the ‘Nevertheless’ actor and Park Hee Jung started a relationship before May.

Park Hee Jung

Kim Min Gwi and his girlfriend (temporarily referred to as A) reconciled on May 20, 2021, before he left for Jeju. He also vowed that he would never see Park Hee Jung again. On May 21, the actor returned to Seoul and was tested for COVID-19 because his manager was infected. However, using the tracking app she installed in Kim Min Gwi’s phone, A found out that her boyfriend had gone on a date with Park Hee Jung on the night of May 22.

Exposing 'Nevertheless' Kim Min Gwi's adultery: revealing the identity of his "other woman"

Kim Min Gwi and his partner met after more than a month of treatment for COVID-19. A even hosted a party for the actor, but the couple got into a fight. The actor immediately went to Park Hee Jung’s place with 2 condoms bought by A. The actor’s girlfriend continued phoning him, but he didn’t answer the phone. And when he did, he lied and said, “I’m going to visit Song Kang.

Kim Min Gwi then asked his 6-year girlfriend to “just claim to be my ex-girlfriend”; since publising the relationship may affect the actor’s career. Too angry, A decided to exposed her boyfriend.

What angered her even more was that Park Hee Jung hit the heart button for the apology letter on Kim Min Gwi’s Instagram. During their six years together, A even supported her lover financially so that he could continue his acting profession.

Exposing 'Nevertheless' Kim Min Gwi's adultery: revealing the identity of his "other woman"


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