Mamamoo Hwasa accused of indecent performance by parents’ group

Mamamoo Hwasa (28, real name Ahn Hye Jin), who has been embroiled in controversy over indecent performance, was accused by a parents’ group.

On July 10th, Seoul Seongdong Police Station announced that Hwasa was recently accused by the Student Parents’ Human Rights Protection Solidarity on charges of indecent performance and launched an investigation into her.


This group reportedly reported Hwasa to the police for causing discomfort to the audience watching her performance at a university festival last May. On May 12th, Hwasa stood on the stage of Sungkyunkwan University’s festival to film tvN’s entertainment program “Dancing Queens on the Road”. Hwasa was embroiled in controversy over indecent performance as she showed sensational movements while performing her solo song “Don’t Give”.


In the complaint, the Student Parents’ Human Rights Protection Solidarity claimed, “Hwasa’s behavior is reminiscent of perverted sexual intercourse, which is enough to bring shame to the public who witnessed it. It cannot be interpreted as an artistic act because it does not fit the context of the choreography.”

A police official said, “After reviewing the case, we plan to call in the defendant to investigate if necessary.”

Meanwhile, an official from Hwasa’s agency shared, “We are internally checking the facts.”

Source: Nate

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