Lai Guan Lin secretly contacted a Chinese entertainment agency, suspected of “running away”?

The media said that the youngest member of Wanna One was about to return to work in his own country, ending the short career in Korea.

Recently, South Korean media have been talking about an article on Sina (a Chinese site) saying that Lai Guan Lin, the Taiwanese member of Wanna One, had been secretly in touch with the entertainment industry of his home country.

According to the news, the 18-year-old male idol is eager to return to China once the exclusive contract with Wanna One ends. This is not so strange because there have been many other cases of Chinese idols who once worked in Korea, returned home after that and finally became extremely famous. The return of Chinese idols after a period of promoting in Korea often attracts the attention of investors and advertising companies.

Even some Chinese experts said that if Lai Guan Lin returned to China, the member would also become famous just like Luhan or Kris, former EXO members.

Previously, Cube Entertainment (the current agency of Lai Guan Lin) once repressed similar rumors by declaring that the male idol would debut in a boy band in 2019.

The incident is currently drawing the attention of Chinese and Korean online communities. Although the information has not been confirmed, many users have bluntly criticized Lai Guan Lin and called him “traitor.”

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