Male dancer at risk of paralysis, still in critical condition after Hong Kong concert accident 

Dancer Lee Kai Yin remains in a critical condition after he was crushed by a giant LED screen during a concert in Hong Kong. 

The horrific accident of two dancers being crushed by a giant LED screen which fell on stage during the performance of the Hong Kong boy group Mirror on July 28, has been a shock to the world. In which, dancer Chang Tsz Fung was slightly injured and released from the hospital. However, another victim, dancer Lee Kai Yin, who was hit by the screen on his head, is still in a critical condition.

Lee Kai Yin was able to breathe on his own without a ventilator, but could not feel his limbs when he was taken to the emergency room. Currently, Lee Kai Yin is awake.  However, a rehabilitation doctor at the hospital said that he suffered severe head and neck injuries, “In the case of cervical vertebrae fracture at a higher position, it can cause the patient to have difficulty breathing.”

According to HK01, Lee Kai Yin suffered a brain hemorrhage, fractured cervical vertebrae, and is now quadriplegic. Lee Kai Yin underwent 2 surgeries on July 28 and July 29 to treat damaged cervical vertebrae, but the situation has not improved. He will continue to have surgery today.

As reported by Apple Daily, the most serious injury to Lee Kai Yin’s neck can lead to the risk of permanent paralysis of the whole body from the neck down. The chance of his complete recovery and dancing again is almost zero. His parents flew to Hong Kong from Toronto, Canada as soon as they heard about their son’s accident.

Lee Kai Yin is a close friend of Anson Lo, the most famous member of Mirror. Anson Lo was also hospitalized because he had a mental panic when he witnessed his friend’s accident.

The accident at the concert has caused outrage globally. More than 13,000 fans signed the petition, asking the organizers to ensure the safety of the group. Hong Kong’s authorities have asked Mirror to postpone further concerts until the cause of the incident is investigated and the issues are resolved. 

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