Forgetting to wear a mask at the airport, Kim Taeri goes viral for her reaction that resembles “The Matrix” 

Here’s Kim Taeri’s funny reaction when she realized she was not wearing a mask in public. 

On September 20, Kim Taeri arrived at Incheon International Airport to depart for Italy and attend Milan Fashion Week. Known for her chic airport fashion, Kim Taeri showed off her unique fashion sense on this day as well. 

Kim Tae-ri

Unlike the elegant style shown at the airport in her previous appearances, the actress showed up today looking like an idol as she was dressed in a stylish all-black denim outfit. She boasted her good proportions in a cropped zip-up jacket and wide leg jeans. 

Kim Tae-ri

In particular, the video of Kim Taeri being surprised when she suddenly realized she forgot to wear a mask as she was entering the airport is going viral. 

While walking confidently, Kim Taeri stopped and got startled after she noticed she was the only one without a mask on. Her realistic reaction is reminiscent of the famous scene of Keanu Reeves avoiding bullets in the movie “The Matrix”, making netizens laugh.  

When Kim Taeri dropped the mask on the floor while looking for it in her bag, people around her even had to help her, making the situation even funnier and more adorable.

Netizens left comments on the viral video of Kim Taeri on Twitter:

  • Life will never be boring if you are next to someone like her
  • Kim Taeri is so effortlessly funny
  • I can’t believe she has to cover that beautiful face
  • She always has the most meme-worthy reactions 

Source: Wikitree

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