BABYMONSTER’s YouTube Views Explode Ahead of Final Debut Lineup Announcement

BABYMONSTER is proving their global popularity on YouTube ahead of the announcement of the final debut members.

According to YG Entertainment on May 9th, the BABYMONSTER-related content uploaded on YouTube has surpassed 400 million views (including BABYMONSTER and YG official YouTube channels combined). This achievement was made in 127 days since the first launching teaser was released on January 1st.


This is an impressive accomplishment for trainees who have not yet made their official debut. From the teaser that announced the start of the project, to the introduction of individual members, to the stages showcasing their overwhelming skills, and the “Last Evaluation” content that captured the hearts of global fans, BABYMONSTER’s teaser content alone has gained worldwide popularity.

Looking at the comments by country under the videos, it is clear that BABYMONSTER’s popularity has spread globally, not just in North and South America, but also in Europe and Asia. 


The number of YouTube subscribers, which is a key indicator of fandom, is also overwhelming. BABYMONSTER achieved a record among K-pop girl groups by surpassing 2 million subscribers in just 129 days after opening their channel.

In addition, major foreign media outlets are also paying attention to BABYMONSTER. Billboard selected them as a “K-pop artist to look out for,” predicting that they will create a new wave in the K-pop genre. NME is continuously covering BABYMONSTER’s performance videos and showing exceptional anticipation for their debut.


BABYMONSTER is debuting 7 years after BLACKPINK. There are three Korean members (Ahyeon, Haram, and Rora), two Thai members (Pharita and Chiquita), and two Japanese members (Ruka and Asa). They are currently undergoing their own survival show called “BABYMONSTER – Last Evaluation.”

Executive Producer Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “BABYMONSTER was initially planned to have five members from the beginning of the planning stage. The final members haven’t been finalized yet and will be publicly announced at midnight on May 12th.

Out of the seven members, two will be eliminated, and the remaining five will debut under the name BABYMONSTER. The final debut members will be unveiled on May 12th.

Source: daum

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