BTS Jimin lost 6kg before his collaboration with Taeyang, “My current weight is in the 50kg range”

BTS Jimin revealed that he started weight control prior to the collaboration with Taeyang (BIGBANG).

In the “VIBE (Feat. Jimin of BTS) M/V Shoot Sketch” released on the 28th, Jimin revealed he lost a lot of weight prior to the shooting, “I lost quite a lot of weight this time. Previously, I dropped to 56kg. This time, I think I barely got to 59kg. I lost about 6kg.” 

When talking about the first time working in a solo activity outside of his group, Jimin said, “This is my first time working with another artist that’s not our team so I’m feeling a lot of pressure. I’m realizing how big of a challenge it must have been for the other members who had worked solo before. And since TAEYANG is such an amazing artist, I’m even more determined to do better.” 

As a long-term fan of Taeyang, Jimi respected and adored him so much since he was young, hence, the collaboration is both a joy and a challenge when Jimin was able to work with him. 

Upon explaining the early process of planning and producing, Taeyang said, “So about two years ago, was it? I heard this idea that it would be nice if Jimin and I could collaborate and that sparked the fire. So I cautiously asked him [Jimin] and he gladly agreed.” 

BTS Jimin Vibe

After a few days of shooting, Jimin expressed his growing apetite for food as he previously went through a strict regime to lose weight, “All I can think of are six menus. What should I eat? I can’t decide. The problem is when I haven’t eaten in a while. Oh, I’m drooling. I want to eat everything… But my stomach shrunk.

However, it turned out that the time he left work was around two in the mornings, so “all the restaurants

are closed by the time I’m home.” Nonetheless, he kept a positive mind by deciding to go to the convenience store afterwards and comforted himself that the food there was not so bad. That was how determined Jimin was to do his best for the collaboration.

Interestingly, when Jimin expressed his love for kimchi, stating that he loved any dish with kimchi on the side, Taeyang chimed in and said that he had some “delicious kimchi” at home. In response, Jimin “smoothly invited” himself over by saying comically, “I am dropping by.” 

 After the fun times, the duo immediately returned to “serious mode” for shooting. After several attempts to perform a move, Jimin said, “I’ve learned so much and I’ll keep doing my best. I am anxious to speak with you [Taeyang] here. I found out where I lack and what I want to work on. So I’ll keep working hard to improve. I’m still miles behind him. I’ll keep following.” 

As the video approached its end, Jimin expressed his gratitude, “I’ll have so much to talk about with ARMY. You all know how I’m a big fan of TAEYANG. I was honestly so happy when I got the offer. I had a really great time. This is how it feels to be able to try so many new things. Based on this wonderful experience, I want to return to the team and create even better synergy.” 

Taeyang’s “VIBE” featuring Jimin quickly topped the domestic charts within an hour of its release and topped the iTunes charts in 60 countries. It first entered the “Billboard Hot 100” at 76th place on the 28th.

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