Rapper Don Mills’ wife exposed, “A rapper who says he’s dating girls through DM, takes hidden camera and shares the footage”

Rapper Don Mills’ wife exposed rapper A’s private life.

On May 10th, Don Mills’ wife and freelance designer B left a wall of text exposing A through her Instagram story. B said, “You’re only talking about how you’re dating girls through your DM. You don’t talk about the things that you shared with other people after taking hidden camera of her. If you had reflected on yourself, you wouldn’t have said that on TV. I guess there was no such thing like that from you. I wish you could stop. Because you only make me want to report you to the police more and more,” exposing A.

Don Mills' wife

Soon after, B said, “A close friend of mine has all those footage and the contents of the KakaoTalk he sent. I endured it because I was afraid other people would be affected by those if I reported him, but saying those things on a broadcast that everyone sees means he doesn’t feel guilty about that at all. He’s no different from Jung Joon-young.” She even revealed that the close friend she mentioned claimed that she was so tired she even made an extreme choice by taking her own life.

Don Mills' wife

In addition, B said, “I was allowed to share this DM,” before sharing a DM from another victim’s acquaintance who came to her. A person who identified themself as an acquaintance of another victim said, “My friend met him through DM, and she was so shocked after knowing that her sensitive videos were being shared to people around her, she took her own life,” adding, “She said he shared those videos with people around him. I’m sending you this DM as I’m upset because there’s a similar story,” they said.

Don Mills' wife

B said, “Think of your mother, sister, and daughter being victimized. Those bystanders in the chat room, wake up. I’m sure you all know that I’m doing my best to control myself and don’t talk about you, but does this make sense anymore? Is your life the only thing that matters?”

Many netizens started speculating by searching for a rapper who mentioned that he met women through SNS DM in recent broadcasts. However, some say, “This will only lead to secondary victims. Let’s stay quiet until his real name comes out,” refraining from hasty speculation.

Source: Insight

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