Jessica spills the tea about how 8 other Girls’ Generation members forced her out of the group in new novel “Bright”? 

Excerpts of Jessica’s “Bright” once again sparked theories of how she got kicked out of Girls’ Generation 8 years ago. 

Bright”, the sequel to Jessica’s debut novel “Shine” about the journey of Korean-American girl Rachel from becoming a trainee to debuting in a famous K-pop girl group that is based on Jessica’s experiences, has been published. 

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Rachel, the main heroine in the story, is a member of the 9-member female group Girls Forever. Jessica also stated that Rachel, the female lead, is herself. Jessica delves more into Rachel’s poor relationship with the other eight girls in Part 2. The novel’s eight females are dissatisfied with Rachel’s fashion line; this is claimed to be the detail Jessica implied that the eight Girls’ Generation members isolated her and even drove her to quit the group.

Jessica Jung Gillian Chung
Jessica continues to hint at being isolated
by 8 SNSD members in new novel

Notably, the 8 girls of Girls Forever continued to complain that Rachel was late to rehearsals for the concert in Los Angeles, even though they had made the same mistake themselves. After that, the 8 members simultaneously went to meet the manager, saying that they were not satisfied with Rachel’s fashion brand, and they would not go to the important concert if Rachel was also present. And so the company must choose the majority.

This detail completely coincides with the rumor that Jessica neglected the group’s joint activities because of her own fashion label, which made 8 SNSD members unhappy. That’s why many netizens believe that Jessica openly hinted at her relationship with SNSD.

After Shine, part 2 titled Bright revealed more about Jessica and SNSD’s relationship

Netizens also said that Jessica talked about the bad relationship with the old group after leaving through the following excerpt: “Since the day DB kicked me out, I haven’t had any contact with my former groupmates. It still stings to think about them, but the pain gets a little less every day”; “It’s strange to think that there won’t ever be a photo with the nine of us in it ever again. My heart tightens at the thought, and I have to swallow the lump in my throat.”

Jessica is also said to be referring to the letter she wrote after receiving the news that she was kicked out of SNSD on September 30, 2014. In the novel, the female idol wrote: “My Dearest +Evers, I am devastated. Serving as a member of Girls Forever has always been my priority and the true love of my life. But now, for no justifiable reason, I am being forced out….” Jessica’s reference to her former group in the new novel has once again caused a stir on social networks, and caused many fierce controversies.

jessica snsd
On September 30, 2014, 8 SNSD members flew to China for a fan meeting
jessica snsd
And Jessica wrote a letter announcing that she was forced to leave the group

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