The shocking reason why actor Yang Ki-won was caught doing “abnormal actions” on the street early in the morning

It is revealed that the actor’s unusual behaviors were the result of a drug.

SBS-TV’s “Unanswered Questions” will air a new episode on October 23rd and dig into the identity of the drug that caused actor Yang Ki-won to act abnormally.

Let’s go back to April 12th, 2019, when a CCTV record showing a man punching in the air near Hakdong Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, was revealed. He kept on doing strange things. He laid on the street, then woke up, and continued to do that over and over again. Only when he bumped into a running did he stop his unusual actions. The police came to the scene and arrested him right away for investigations. Based on his condition at that time, they suspected him of using drugs.

Yang Ki-won drug
Yang Ki-won drug

However, the result turned out to be different from what the police had expected. That man was not a drug user and was immediately released without charges. He was none other than actor Yang Ki-won. So, why did he act so strangely? In a recent meeting with the production team of “Unanswered Questions”, he confessed about what happened at that time.

Yang Ki-won drug

A netizen called Kim shared, “The appearance of Yang Ki-won in the CCTV record looks familiar” and pointed out that her daughter, Park, has also been doing similar actions. Park used to be a bright and healthy daughter until one day, she suddenly changed. She said she received a message from heaven. Then she became more and more violent in her actions. It is said that after an argument, Park even threatened to kill her mother with a lighter.

Yang Ki-won drug

A similar case happened in another house. A fire once broke out on the 9th floor of an apartment in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, and all the residents had to be evacuated. The arsonist was the daughter of that house’s owner, Ms. Cheon. While arguing with her family members, she took out a lighter and burned everything in her house.

In fact, actor Yang Ki-won, Park and Cheon caused troubles due to the one shocking reason in common. They were using the same kind of medicine to control their weight. The pill taken by the three was revealed to be an appetite suppressant that is used in dieting. It was also called “Butterfly Medicine” and was named after the shape of the pill.

Yang Ki-won drug

“Unanswered Questions” conducted interviews with those who took this medicine. Many of them said they had experienced different side effects, such as depressions, illusion, and hallucinations.

Yang Ki-won drug

What’s more serious is that this medicine is considered an illegal drug. In particular, teenagers, who are called “proana”, are reported to have a desire to buy this drug even through illegal distribution. “Proana” is a new term, which was a combination of “pro” and”anorexia” – an eating disorder. These teenagers who want to have a “super-skinny” body had to maintain their weight at around 30 to 40 kg by doing “meok-tto (eating and vomiting food)”. It is revealed that when there is no more measure to lose weight, the last method they use is to take a large amount of the “Butterfly Medicine”.

According to reports, it was not difficult for teenagers to buy this drug. However, experts pointed out that if teenagers take this medicine, the side effects on their health tend to be really severe.

“Unanswered Questions” will explain in detail the side effects of this kind of drug at 11:10 P.M on October 23rd.


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