Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast at Jeju Island JTBC bought that house- “Privacy Infringement “

JTBC bought the house of singer Lee Hyo Ri and Lee Sang Soon, where were the backgrounds of the entertainment program “Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast”

On the 14th, JTBC told Yonhap News with the agreement of couple Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon, JTBC buy the house in order to protect the cast and manage the image of the contents “.
Lee hyori
JTBC explained, ” After the Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast season 1 , the location of the house of Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon were exposed, which caused privacy infringement seriously and security issues
In September 2013, couple Lee Hyo Ri -Lee Sang-soon married and lived in the house at Jeju Island, they called it with the name “Sogil-house”. However, after Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast season 1 , the invasion of privacy was serious due to tourists visiting, Lee Hyori also already complained this problem on her SNS.
She did said that “There were a lot of peoples knocking on their doors and even breaking in without permission. This kind of privacy violation has been at a level far beyond our expectations
So JTBC have an announcement “Since this house will be bought for privacy purposes. We will discuss about how we will use the house in the future.
Meanwhile, it has been reported that Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon will move to a new house in Gyeonggi Province

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