V shows off solid abs… “BTS members love the team and ARMYs more than anyone else”

BTS V showed off his solid abs.

On March 21st, V’s pictorial was released on Elle Korea’s official Instagram with the caption “The cover star of the April issue is BTS V. We are revealing some of cover star V’s pictorial, which is hotter than ever“.


V, who graced the magazine cover, had a strong aura of his own. V’s delicate expressions and detailed movements were captured one by one. His superior visuals and unique vibe aroused admiration. In particular, V drew attention at once by revealing his solid abs with only his jacket hanging after taking off his top.


V said, “I try to pay close attention to people’s emotions. All of the members, including me, love our team and ARMYs more than anyone else. Just as there are people who comfort me with their existence, the music I like also comforts me with the genre itself.

Source: Nate

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