Ma Dong Seok’s pictures went viral in China for solving unfriendly service?

Chinese people are changing their social networking service (SNS) profile pictures to Korean actor Ma Dong Seok. 

On April 26th, The Guardian reported that Ma Dong Seok’s character is gaining huge popularity in China. In particular,  Ma Dong Seok gained fame through his roles in the Marvel movie “Eternals” and the Korean movie “Train to Busan”, both of which enjoyed huge popularity in China.


Now, many Chinese netizens are using Ma Dong Seok images as their SNS profile pictures, believing that his masculine image will help them escape complex disputes. So for, this method 

actually proved to be effective, and the trend of changing SNS profile pictures to Ma Dong Seok seems to have started on the Chinese version of Instagram, “Xiao Hongshu”.

On Xiao Hongshu, a user posted that when they changed their profile picture to Ma Dong Seok and sent just two sentences, a hostel manager who had been ignoring their requests resolved the issue within a few minutes. Their previous profile picture was of actor Liu Yifei.

This news spread widely through Chinese platforms Weibo and WeChat, and related posts recorded more than 250 million views. Weibo is a Chinese SNS similar to Twitter, while WeChat resembles KakaoTalk.

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Subsequently, more netizens shared their testimony of resolving problems by using the same method. One netizen wrote on a local online community, “When I had a female picture as my profile, I was ignored by the customer service center. But after changing the picture to Ma Dong Seok, their attitude became much more polite, and they even compensated me for the price difference.”

Another netizen claimed that after their scooter was stolen in front of their house, they changed their WeChat profile picture to Ma Dong Seok, expressed their dissatisfaction in the apartment group chat, and the scooter was returned to its original place within 30 minutes.

As a result, changing SNS profile pictures to Ma Dong Seok has become a trend. Even popular actor Li Xian, well-known for his role in the Chinese drama “Go Go Squid”, reportedly changed his game profile picture to Ma Dong Seok.

Source: Nate, The Guardian

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