Choi Yoojung to unveil 1st solo web entertainment show “Yoodaeng’s Work Work”

Former I.O.I and current Weki Meki member Choi Yoojung is set to reveal her 1st solo web entertainment.

On August 17th at 5 PM (KST), the first episode of Choi Yoojung‘s solo web show “Yoodaeng’s Work Work”, will be revealed on the official YouTube channel of MBN.

Choi Yoo jung

“Yoodaeng’s Work Work” is a new variety content where Choi Yoojung personally experiences the daily work of specific professions and comically depicts the ups and downs of the process. In this content, Choi Yoojung will boldly take on various challenges, sharing a diverse range of stories, from on-site trivia to spicy talk directly from professionals.

In the first episode, which will be released today, Choi Yoojung visits a unique pet shop. In a previously released teaser video, Choi Yoojung’s surprising adaptation to the unusual pets with her unique friendliness promises to bring laughter.

Choi Yoo jung

Meanwhile, Choi Yoojung is an all-around artist and the main dancer of girl group Weki Meki. Recently, she participated in an OST track for the Tving original series “Cold-Blooded Intern”, showcasing her attractive vocal tone and capturing listeners’ attention.

Through “Yoo-Daeng’s Woong Woong,” Choi Yoojung’s challenge in the field of solo web entertainment is raising expectations about how she will captivate MZ viewers with her sense and variety skills.

On the other hand, Choi Yoojung’s solo web show  “Yoodaeng’s Work Work” will be released on MBN’s official YouTube channel every Thursday at 5 PM (KST), starting from the 17th.

Source: Daum

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