Lisa Continues 19+ Show Amid Controversies & Support, Jennie Reunites With BLACKPINK in Paris?

Lisa received huge support from BLACKPINK members amid her controversial cabaret performance

Lisa took the stage at the “Crazy Horse” cabaret show for the first time on September 28th (local time). She will complete five performances within three days, from the 28th to the 30th.

lisa crazy horse

Crazy Horse is considered one of the representative cabaret shows in Paris alongside Moulin Rouge and Lido, but fans raised concerns over sensationalization and sexual commercialization as it features female dancers’ nude performances. In particular, Crazy Horse is known to have the highest level of body exposure among the three cabaret shows in Paris.

On the 24th, Lisa left for Paris alone without any staff to prepare for her Crazy Horse performances. Since BLACKPINK is still in discussion with YG Entertainment regarding their contract renewal, every move of the members is attracting keen attention.

isoo And Rosé Support Lisa’s First Cabaret Show

On the first day of the cabaret show, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Rosé visited the venue together with Spanish singer Rosalía to support Lisa. After the show, Lisa expressed her gratitude for the special guests, saying “Thank you for coming to support my first show. Love you!”, showing off BLACKPINK’s strong friendship. Despite controversies, Lisa is also actively promoting her 19+ show as she expressed her excitement before the next performance with a post “Ready for Day 2?”.

lisa blackpink crazy horse

Jennie, the only BLACKPINK member who did not come to watch Lisa’s first stage, also left for Paris on the 30th to attend a brand event. Before departing, she left a message for fans, saying “I’ll be back”, adding “BLINKs, you understand my feeling, right? I was very happy to see you guys today. Thank you. I’ll be back”.

As Jennie is also heading to Paris, where Lisa will continue performing her 19+ show, attention is focused on whether all BLACKPINK members will gather again and how Lisa will successfully complete all the shows in the midst of both concerns and cheers from fans.

Source: Naver

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