“Young & Rich” IVE’s Gaeul & Leeseo Bought Parents A Car and Home Appliances

After receiving payment from her activities, IVE’s Gaeul and Leeseo bought her parents a new car and various expensive home appliances. 

On May 2, a video titled featuring Kim Jaejoong alongside IVE’s Leeseo and Gaeul was published on the YouTube channel “uhmg studio”. 

That day, Kim Jaejoong expressed his surprise upon hearing that Leeseo was only 17 years old, saying, “There’s a 21-year age gap.”

ive leeseo

Then, when asked if she purchased any gifts for her family after receiving payment from IVE’s activities, Gaeul mentioned that she bought a car for her parents, whilst Leeseo revealed that she bought her parents a set of washing machine and dryer.

In particular, Leeseo said, “I like going shopping with my mom. Whenever we go shopping, I always buy what my mom wants.”

ive leeseo

Meanwhile, Gaeul said, “I gave my parents a car as a gift, but I didn’t know the car model, I bought what my mother wanted.”

To this, Kim Jaejoong reacted with surprise, saying, “You bought what your mother wanted without considering the brand or price. That’s impressive.”

Source: Insight

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