Jung Woo-sung’s new screen-lover – a trending star with amazing visuals

Shin Hyun-bin, who was selected as the co-star of Jung Woo-sung in his comeback drama ‘Tell Me You Love Me’

The Hankook Ilbo reported Jung Woo-sung‘s return to the small screen in an exclusive article on the 15th.


His comeback to the small screen is a drama scheduled to air in 2023, and it is his first comeback in two years since the 2021 SBS drama ‘Fly Dragon’. However, since he was replaced by Bae Sung-woo in “Delayed Justice”, this work is considered his first drama comeback 11 years after “Padam Padam”, which ended in 2012.


It is known that his upcoming work is ‘Tell Me You Love Me’, based on the popular drama of the same name that aired on TBS in Japan in 1995. The drama tells the love story of a deaf person and an aspiring actor, starring Toyokawa Etsushi and Tokiwa Takako.


While Jung Woo-sung has confirmed the role of the main character, Cha Jin-woo, who is a painter and deaf, attention is focused on his co-star.


The actress who will work with Jung Woo-sung was confirmed to be Shin Hyun-bin, who is actively working on dramas such as ‘Hospital Playlist,’ ‘Someone Like You,’ and ‘Tibing’s Strange.’ The two have starred in the 2020 movie, ‘Beasts I Want to Catch at Straws,’ but have never worked together.


Shin Hyun-bin will appear in the drama as an aspiring actress who falls in love with Jung Woo-sung and will show a new side of her. On the other hand, Shin Hyun-bin’s agency mentioned that it is currently under discussion. However, since her co-star-to-be is Jung Woo-sung, it is expected that she will take on the role.

Meanwhile, Jung Woo-sung is currently preparing for the release of the movies ‘Guardian’, ‘The Hunt’, and ‘Spring in Seoul’.


Source: daum

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