SHINee Key’s unexpected remark “Celebrities often lie about their income”

SHINee Key made an unexpected remark regarding celebrities’ income.

This remark showed up during a YouTube video recording.

On Feb 17th, a video titled “Let’s Eat Together Today Ep.07 SHINee KEY” was uploaded on Apink Yoon Bomi‘s YouTube channel “Bbom bbom bbom”.

Shinee Key

Key appeared as a guest on that day. He filmed the content “Let’s Eat Together Today” with Yoon Bomi and exchanged many conversations while doing mukbang (eating show).

Yoon Bomi asked, “How many BFF do you have?” Key replied, “Three.” Yoon Bomi continued to ask, “If one of them asks you to lend him money, how much can you lend your BFF?”

Shinee Key
Shinee Key

Key answered without hesitation, “For them, I can lend 500 million won. But since they don’t ask me, I’m saying I can lend it, too.”

Key confessed, “I meet them once a week. They’re all artists and actors, so we usually talk about the exhibitions or movies we went to. I feel like I can update the recent issues after meeting them.”

Shinee Key
Shinee Key

Then Key made an unexpected remark. He revealed, “And, to be honest, I think it’s rare for you to hear this on a show. Celebrities often lie about their income.”

Yoon Bomi was bewildered. She laughingly said, “What do you mean by that?” Key added, “When my colleagues ask me about my income, instinctively, roughly, I say it a bit higher than the average. To my BFF, I don’t need to lie about that. I’ve relied on them a lot.”

Source: wikitree

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