The personality of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” star Park Eun Bin revealed by senior actors

Another story about the kind personality of actress Park Eun Bin, who has been acting for 27 years, was recently told. 

The broadcast of MBC’s “Star Radio” on February 8th featured Yoon Yoo Sun, Kwak Sun Young, Gong Min Jung and Joo Hyun Young in a special episode for actresses.

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When asked to tell a story about acting with Park Eun Bin in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Joo Hyun Young said, “There was a scene where there were several envelopes on the table. In the previous cut, the envelopes were placed on each other at an angle of 45 degrees, but it was somehow changed to 90 degrees in the next cut. When no one noticed the difference, Park Eun Bin pointed out, ‘The angle is different from the previous cut. We have to fix it’, and carefully adjusted the scene.”

Senior actress Yoon Yoo Sun also told a story about Park Eun Bin.

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Revealing that she appeared in the third episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Yoon Yoo Sun said, “I met Eun Bin again after a long time. It was glad to meet her”. 

She continued, “I told Eun Bin that the shoes she always wore during the filming of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ looked so comfortable and nice. Later, she gave me those shoes as a gift”, adding “Even when she was busy with her tight schedule, she still took care of me”.

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In fact, Park Eun Bin is considerate to everyone. She once presented fellow actress Ha Yoon Kyung with a bag. Ha Yoon Kyung shared, “I saw Eun Bin’s bag and said it was cute. She might have thought that I wanted a bag like that so she really gave me one as a gift. She knows that I like the blue color and gave me a blue one.”

Good stories about Park Eun Bin have been reported by many of her colleagues on TV broadcasts.

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PD Lee Kwang Young of the 2017 drama “Judge vs. Judge” talked about his impression of Park Eun Bin, saying “Not long after we started filming with Eun Bin, she memorized all the names of all the staff, even the newest and youngest person”.

Actor Nam Goong Min, who acted with Park Eun Bin in the drama “Hot Stove League”, also shared, “She was very bright and energetic on the set. She’s the kind of friend who makes others feel good just by being with her without doing anything special”.

Source: Daum

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