Park Eun-bin successfully completed the first fan meeting tour… “Fill the blanks with happiness”

Actress Park Eun-bin filled the ‘blank’ with precious memories with fans.

Park Eun-bin‘s first Asian fan meeting tour ‘2022 PARK EUN-BIN Asia Fan Meeting Tour “EUN-BIN NOTE: BINKAN” was a success thanks to the explosive love of fans. It was held in 6 cities over 3 months, starting with Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur.

park eun bin fanmeeting

Park Eun-bin tried to communicate directly with foreign fans by studying the languages of each country she met for the first time, and her sense of using the language in the right place drew enthusiastic cheers from fans. Not only that, she impressed her fans by preparing a song that was much loved in the country where the fan meeting was held as a surprise stage. As such, Park Eun-bin filled in the precious blanks with fans with warm affection.

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park eun bin fanmeeting

Among them, at the last performance held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 24th, Christmas Eve, Park Eun-bin caught the eye with a Christmas-reminiscent color costume and sang carols with fans to make the Christmas Eve night even more special.

park eun bin fanmeeting

At the end of the performance, Park Eun-bin said, “It was my first fan meeting this year, and everything happened unexpectedly from the beginning. I didn’t think I’d even be on an overseas tour, and I was worried a lot because I’ve never met overseas fans. However, I was very grateful to feel that there are so many people who like me this time,” she said after finishing the fan meeting tour.

park eun bin fanmeeting

“The name of our fan meeting tour is ‘Blank’, and thanks to you, we were able to fill the blank with happiness. I love you so much. Today is the last fan meeting of the year, but it will start again,” she said. “I will come back to meet you with good work. Let’s fill up the happy blanks today and see you again,” she said, expressing her gratitude to the fans, wrapping up the long journey of the fan meeting tour.

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