Han So-hee Confidently Shows 5 Piercings On Her Pretty Face, “I Just Do What I Want To Do”

Actress Han So-hee continued to make headlines with shocking piercings on her face

Han So-hee’s piercings have created as many hot topics as Nana’s full-body tattoos. She revealed the piercings on her face for the first time when communicating with fans on a live broadcast on September 25th. The actress has three piercings on her lips and two under her eyes.

Earlier on the 24th, Han So-hee posted on SNS photos showing the process of her preparation to get lip piercings. During the live broadcast on the 25th, she shared, “I’ve finished the drama filming and will take a break so that my body won’t get strained during other schedules. Anyways, it is not for commercials or photoshoots, I’ve been thinking about it a lot these days because it can be a way for me to show another side of myself”.

Han So-hee

When asked for a TMI, Han So-hee said, “My lips are a little swollen because of the piercings so I cannot talk a lot today”, adding “I had bangs and piercings so I thought people would not recognize me. While walking around confidently, two women came from behind and asked for a photo with me. I felt so happy and agreed to their request.”

When asked about her piercings, the actress said, “My skin is very thin so it hurt when I pierced my lips. Piercings on the cheek are less painful”, adding “I can take the piercings off when I work. I got piercings because I had never done that before. If the piercings are helpful for my work, I’m thinking about not taking them off”, revealing her priority for acting.

She continued, “I heard having piercings for a long time would leave scars. But I still did what I wanted to do and took care of the scars at the same time. Piercing was fun”, adding “When the wound heals, I want to replace lip piercings with a ring.” Before turning off the live broadcast, she did not forget to express her love for fans.

Han So-hee

It is rare for an active actress to have such bold piercings. The public is still having prejudices against tattoos and piercings unless you are a model or a singer.

However, the way Han So-hee boldly and confidently does whatever she wants to do draws netizens’ admiration for her unique personality, which is very different from the previous generations of actresses.

As such, it is expected that Han So-hee would show even more overwhelming visual and style when she changes to a ring piercing on her lip.

Meanwhile, Han So-hee will make a comeback with Netflix’s series “Gyeongseong Creature”.

Source: Daum

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