Three sexy fashions trends worn by Joy, Suzy, Rosé and more in the summer 

This fashion style is loved by many female stars.

Drastic body exposure is allowed in vacation spots. A more revealing look, which was difficult to pull off in everyday life, is also a cool thing to try during the hot summer vacation. If you’re about to have a summer vacation, let’s take a look at the stars who tried the slit look.

A look with outstanding slits is a must when you want to make an impression in the summer. It’s burdensome to wear in everyday life, but it’s perfect for a hot vacation spot. Not only is it a cool thing to try, but it can also show off your hidden sexiness. Joy, Suzy, and Jessica were the stars who tried this fashion trend. 

First, Red Velvet’s Joy wore a back-open dress on her way to work on the radio, receiving positive responses among fans. While the front side created a lovely image with a square neckline and puff sleeves, the backside used only lines, making it suitable for showing off her dizzying sexiness. 

K-pop female idols

Suzy, on the other hand, wore an outfit with skin tone fabric in her chest, giving an optical illusion, and a slit in her waistline. It was a good outfit to emphasize her colorful image. Lastly, BLACPINK’s Rosé showed off her sexy and lovely charm with a white dress with slits on her waist.

One of the fashion trends in 2022 is crop top fashion. Since this spring, a combination of crop tops and low-rise bottoms has been popular in the fashion world, and many stars have enjoyed wearing it because it can show off their narrow waistline and make their legs look longer. 

SNSD’s Seohyun posted on her SNS wearing a cropped top with a skirt. She showed off her doll-like body with a slim waistline. Jung Hye-sung wore a see-through skirt with a cropped top, giving off an unexpected sexy charm instead of the innocent and lively image that she usually showed.

K-pop female idols

The colorful print look is a perfect fashion to maximize the vacation atmosphere and reveal one’s personality. Compared to fall and winter’s calm prints, more bold and large patterns and colorful colors are always loved in summer.

It would be good to refer to the stage look of TWICE’s Nayeon, who recently successfully debuted as a solo singer. Her visual was completed in a cherry print dress, doubling her cute charm. Seolhyun wearing a dress with seductive and powerful roses is also charming.

K-pop female idols

Source: YTN

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