Lisa revealed at the global press conference for LALISA: “There are some pole dancing; the album has many Thai elements”

On the morning of September 10, BLACKPINK Lisa had a closed press conference for her solo debut. The press conference was held online at 10 am (KST). BLACKPINK’s maknae had an interesting sharing about her first solo album.

Specifically, Lisa’s new album has many elements of Thailand, her hometown. Lisa asked Teddy, one of YG producers, that she wanted to add some Thailand-style beats and that fans would be excited about the MV.

Lisa tried to show different sides of herself through her outfits on the set. Viewers will see Lisa pole dance in the MV and even wear traditional Thai costumes. She added that a very interesting performance is included near the end of the MV!

Lisa revealed, “I put my bangs up for the first time during the jacket shoot because I wanted to show a different side of me. The fans haven’t seen it either. From the bottom of my heart, I will show them as a surprise gift. I worked hard on the album and the styling.”

When asked about the most memorable lyrics, Lisa answered: “The opening lyrics ‘You can tell just by looking at the back of my head’ match so well with the choreography. I gained confidence from the beginning.”

Since it contains Lisa’s identity, the color of her hometown is also profound.  Lisa said of the new song, I wanted to convey my feelings about Thailand, my hometown. We conveyed it very well with Thai choreography and costumes.”

Lisa has been involved in the album, the visuals, and the choreography, in areas where she wants to score extra points. She added that the main choreography is in the chorus, and there is a pretty nice choreography when the song turns to Thai style. “Please wait for it.”

“I think ‘LALISA’ shows the strength and confidence of my name.  The special reason for choosing my name as the album name was because I wanted to capture my best looks. It means this solo album is me.”

Regarding ‘Money’, she said, “Oh my god. I have to do this. This is my song” She pops out as soon as she hears the tune. Lisa explained the song as a “hip-hop track with an addictive hook.

Lisa also mentioned the collaboration with other artists in her solo debut single: “I learned what I’m good at by trying diff genres of music and collaborating with artists. That’s how this album was able to be made. The most important thing is that I gained a lot of strength thanks to BLINKs, who loved and cheered for me for 5 years.”

Don’t forget you have an ‘appointment’ with Lisa at 13.00 PM (KST)

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