Kim Hae Sook: an actress with 48 years of experience, known as “the nation’s mother”

With her 48 years of work, Kim Hae Sook is a familiar face to every K-drama lovers, playing all sorts of roles regardless of genres

Kim Hae Sook is among the most seasoned actresses in the Korean acting world, having been in the industry for 48 years. The number of works that the actress has starred in is simply remarkable, to the point that even less frequent drama watchers would have seen her at least once. 

A shy girl that took a drastic turn 

Born in 1955 to a family in Busan, Kim Hae Sook grew up in a caring family with a shy personality. She originally studied to become a nurse, only to surprise her family one day by telling them she wanted to go to Seoul and become an actress.

Kim Hae Sook

As a result, she joined the 7th class of acting at the broadcasting station MBC, and joined the entertainment industry with a lot of hope and dreams. Kim Hae Sook also showed strong talents for acting and great versatility throughout this period. 

In 1974, she debuted at the age of 19 via the TV drama “Chief Inspector”, and has continued acting ever since. Now, 48 years later, the 67-year-old actress still does not take any break, and the scope of her projects are so astounding, it is impossible not to know her. 

“The nation’s mother” with a variety of roles 

With her kind face and gentle demeanor, Kim Hae Sook is often assigned roles of kind and hardworking mothers, later earning the title of “the nation’s mother”. About her career, the actress said, “I lead a long acting career, to the point that at times, I forgot about my true nature. I love acting, and often miss my character when I take breaks. It was as if I did not want to escape those hard working and tragic roles.”

Kim Hae Sook

The actress also shows pride about her life that’s wholly dedicated to acting, and has won various remarkable awards and notable achievements. In this way, she’s an admirable character that has never once regretted the path she has chosen.

Being known to viewers through a series of roles of devoted mothers who are willing to do anything for her children, Kim Hae Sook has barely changed her on-screen image to an unfamiliar one. Outstanding examples are her role of a rich, classy mother in “Hospital Playlist” and current antagonistic role in “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”. Regardless of her characters’ characteristics, good or evil, poor or rich, the veteran actress has not once failed to deliver excellent performances m.

Kim Hae Sook

Playing characters who go through a lot on the screen, but living a happy and peaceful life in reality 

Kim Hae Sook’s characters in K-dramas are often given a hard time by the writers. However, off the screen, she enjoys a happy and peaceful life with her family, warming viewers’ hearts. 

Kim Hae Sook

Kim Hae Sook is a loving wife and mother of two daughters.  Her family has always been unaffected by the entertainment industry and stayed supportive of her career. Kim Hae Sook is extremely busy filming, so whenever she is on a break, she spends quality time with her family and is taken good care by them. 

Source: dienanh

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