“The Seasons” PDs Reveal Impressions Of Working With Lee Hyo-ri

PDs Choi Seung-hee and Kim Tae-joon had an interview with Daily Sports on January 9th after the first broadcast of KBS2’s music program “The Easons: Lee Hyo-ri’s Red Carpet”, revealing Lee Hyo-ri’s unique charms as an MCs and raised expectations for Lee Hyo-ri to attract more special guests.

“The Seasons” is a late-night music talk show project by KBS. Following Jay Park, Choi Jung-hoon, and AKMU, Lee Hyo-ri recently joined as the new MC. The first episode, which aired on the 5th, recorded the highest rating of 1.9% thanks to Lee Hyo-ri’s popularity.

Choi Seung-hee Kim Tae

Even after the first broadcast, viewers continue to show enthusiastic responses. In particular, the video of Lee Hyo-ri and BLACKPINK’s Jennie singing “Miss Korea” attracted 1.4 million views on YouTube within only three days.

When asked about Lee Hyo-ri’s reactions to “The Seasons” first broadcast, PD Choi Seung-hee said, “She expressed deep gratitude to the cast and the staff and even regretted that she could not prepare her performance more actively. She went back and forth between Jeju and Seoul for the shoot and there was even a nationwide snow warning during the recording, Lee Hyo-ri still participated in all related schedules, including poster shooting, press conference, etc., passionately. She even wrote a letter to KBS. Her professionalism is so admirable”, adding “As a PD, I’m grateful that Lee Hyo-ri had greed for music. We agreed on doing our best in the given environment instead of being impatient to show everything from the beginning.”

PD Kim Tae-joon said, “I have an anticipation that Lee Hyo-ri would be remembered by viewers differently. We imagined her somewhere between the charming celebrity Lee Hyo-ri and the down-to-earth Hyo-ri on Jeju Island. I believe that she has shown a new aspect in the first episode”, adding “‘The Seasons’ is a music broadcast that invites guests from various fields. With her rich broadcasting experiences, I hope Lee Hyo-ri can be an MC who can discuss music with the guests regardless of their musical backgrounds and bring laughter to the audience with her witty talk.”

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The lineup of guests in “The Seasons: Lee Hyo-ri’s Red Carpet” first episode included Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter 2” winner BEBE, AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk, comedian Shin Dong-yeop, BLACKPINK’s Jennie and actress Lee Jung-eun. Regarding the guests, PD Choi Seung-hee shared, “We gathered the best people in each field because we wanted to see comments like ‘That lineup is possible because of Lee Hyo-ri’”.

When asked about the casting of Jennie, PD Choi said, “While wondering which junior she wanted to invite for her first episode, Lee Hyo-ri kept saying, ‘Jennie is really pretty, but it’s not easy to DM her because she’s so famous’. We contacted Jennie and we were truly grateful that she accepted the invitation. Despite her busy schedule, Jennie prepared Hyo-ri’s song ‘Miss Korea’ to sing at their first meeting. We were so happy when she said the stage was fun and she wanted to appear on the show again.”

When asked about their impressions of working with Lee Hyo-ri, PD Choi said, “I remembered doing ‘Happy Together Freinds’ with Lee Hyo-ri when I was still an assistant PD. I was touched when she sent me a thank-you message after the broadcast and that she remembered all the staff members. Meeting her again after a long time, she’s still so kind like that.”

“The Seasons: Lee Hyo-ri’s Red Carpet” airs every Friday at 11:20 p.m.

Source: Daum

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