4th Gen idols attract attention when dealing with stage incidents

Encountering incidents while performing live on stage is unavoidable. Therefore, it is essential for the idols to keep their confidence and calm on stage.

Currently, the K-pop music industry is getting hotter and hotter with the breakthroughs of 4th gen girl groups. They are all “dinosaur” rookies from the top companies in the entertainment field. However, when it comes to dealing with stage incidents, some groups were constantly praised by the audience, some disappointed the fans because of their clumsiness.

nmixx aespa
The 4th Gen female idols have stage problems.  

Recently, IVE fans have spread a behind-the-scenes video of the song Love Die. While filming the choreography of the song, Leeseo accidentally kicked Wonyoung’s knee. Although it seemed to be hurtful, Wonyoung did not show any emotion, and continued to perform until the end of the song.

Ive-Love Die-Music Bank-
IVE has just had a spectacular debut with the song “Love Die”.
Jang Won Young
Leeseo accidentally kicked Wonyoung’s knee while performing the choreography.
Jang Won Young
Everyone was very worried about Wonyoung’s injury.  

Previously, at the Kpop Click Festival’s stage on January 15th, Wonyoung unfortunately injured her knee. When she found out, she was quite panicked, but then quickly calmed down and continued the performance.

jang wonyoung
Wonyoung’s knee was injured during the performance.
jang wonyoung
Despite the injury, the female idol continued to perform, making fans very worried.  

Used to be criticized by her ridiculous attitude, Wonyoung now is becoming more and more professional. Therefore, viewers who once turned their back at Wonyoung gave her another chance, adding more love and praise to the female idol.

jang wonyoung
When the show ended, Wonyoung happily smiled and waved to fans.  

Over the past few days, JYP’s rookie girl group has been noticed by the public. The girls’ debut with the song “O.O” which encountered many ups and downs.  In addition, some awkward situations happened on the stage when the girls performed the choreography.

While moving in the line, the female rookies bumped into each other, causing chaos on the stage. The NMIXX girls panicked and forgot the moves. This lack of professionalism made many viewers disappointed.

The NMIXX’s female rookies have recently become a topic of discussion among netizens.
The stage became messy when the members accidentally bumped into each other.
In addition, when Kyujin put her foot on Lily’s arm, Lily almost tripped.  

Netizens paid special attention to the promotional performance of the song LOCO in October 2021.  When performing the swing, the mic mounted behind Lia (ITZY) accidentally fell off.

itzy lia
Lia of ITZY also had an unfortunate incident on stage.  

The female idol was quite confused, struggling for a long time to handle the mic cord and ended up stuffing it into the back of her skirt. Lia’s performance was praised by the fans; however, many viewers commented that the female idol’s troubleshooting technique was clumsy and unprofessional.

itzy lia
The female idol handled it quite clumsily. It took her a long time to handle the problem so she missed the rhythm of the choreography.

During the Black Mamba promotions, Winter encountered a mic problem while performing. While they were performing a choreography, the mic cord fell out of the fixed clamp. The aespa’s idol handled it perfectly by putting it into her pants although she was just a rookie at that time. She kept dancing with a confident face while handling the incident gently.

aespa winter
Winter easily solved the problem in just a few seconds even though she was just a rookie.
aespa Winter
Winter is now increasingly improving in charisma as well as dancing ability.  

On the Next Level stage, aespa had an impressive performance with cat ear accessories. However, during the performance, she accidentally hit the cat ear when performing the choreography. She solved the problem with a shy smile and kept dancing passionately. Karina’s professional handling and mesmerizing charisma are highly praised by the public.

aespa karina
The moment Karina was praised by the audience for her professional demeanor.
aespa Karina
Currently, Karina has become one of the most noticed idols in K-pop.  

Having trouble while performing is inevitable but if the rookies can handle it professionally, it is extremely incredible. However, not all 4th generation idols can regain their composure quickly when encountering such incidents.

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