Not Hyun Bin, this male star of “Decision To Leave” was once chosen by Son Ye Jin as her favorite acting partner 

How good is this actor that made Son Ye Jin express her wish to work with him again? 

Actor Park Hae Il has been gaining spotlight among Korean movie stars lately thanks to his excellent performance in director Park Chan Wook’s critically acclaimed film “Decision To Leave”. In the movie, Park Hae Il plays detective Hae Jun who is working to unfold the truth about a man’s death and ends up getting involved with the dead man’s enigmatic wife, Seo Rae (Tang Wei). The two leads’ acting and their chemistry have drawn countless rave reviews. 

After making his acting debut in 2001, Park Hae Il has always been known for his great acting skills. He often took on challenging roles, leaving a lasting impression through “Jealousy is My Middle Name”, “Memories of Murder”, “The Host”, where he worked with top names such as Song Kang Ho, Bae Doona, director Bong Joon Ho, etc. 

In 2016, Park Hae Il starred in the historical film “The Last Princess” alongside Son Ye Jin. Son Ye Jin had such a good experience working with Park Hae Il that during her guest appearance in KBS2’s “Entertainment Relay”, she chose Park Hae Il as her favorite co-star and hoped that the two would have a chance to reunite on the screen in the future.

Currently at the age of 45, Park Hae Il is still very dedicated to his acting career. He has become a trustworthy actor whose quality of works he joins is guaranteed. Following the success of “Decision to Leave”, Park Hae Il is set to return in “Hansan: Rising Dragon”, promising to continue his success streak on the big screen. 

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