NOZE, Lee Jung and Rihey confessed their feelings about “Street Woman Fighter” on “Yoo Quiz On The Block”

NOZE, who proved her skills after joining Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter”, said she was sad when being evaluated for her appearance instead of skills in the past.

The 129th episode of tvN’s show “Yoo Quiz On The Block” aired on the evening of November 3rd was a special broadcast about “Street Woman Fighter”. 7 crew leaders, including Monika, Honey J, Rihey, Choi Hyo-jin, Gabi, NOZE, and Lee Jung appeared as guests.

Street Woman Fighter

During the broadcast, NOZE shared her feelings honestly, “In fact, even before “Street Woman Fighter”, I received attention as a backup dancer, but people only knew me for my appearance. It was when I worked as a backup dancer for EXO Kai. I felt thankful when people recognized me, but I wanted my dancing skills to be in the spotlight.”

Then, she recalled, “I admit that I became an issue for my appearance, but this also made me feel unfair. I have a lot more things to show. The comments saying, “You’re pretty”, sound a bit sarcastic to me.”

Street Woman Fighter

NOZE continued, “I thought like that, especially when other dancers asked me, ‘Why don’t you tell me about your skills?’. Though I tried not to show it out, I really burst into tears when I was recognized in ‘Street Woman Fighter’.” The dancer also confessed that she had a hard time throughout the time she participated in the fierce competitions of “Street Woman Fighter”.

“Personally, I’m not a competitive person”, NOZE said, then expressed her gratitude towards her team members, saying, “I also doubted my qualities as a leader. But my members trusted me, and that’s why we could be able to show great teamwork.”

Street Woman Fighter

Lee Jung also drew attention by confessing that she cried a lot while competing in the program. However, she expressed her will to join the show again if she was taken back to that time.

Street Woman Fighter

Lee Jung, who was known to be the youngest member of the dance crew ‘Just Jerk’, shared, “Everything has gone so well since I left ‘Just Jerk’ and started chasing my dream. I’m really confident in myself. However, I once fell off when being pointed out as a candidate to be eliminated from ‘Street Woman Fighter’. I realized that being confident is to love myself no matter what situation I have to face.”

Street Woman Fighter

Meanwhile, Rihey, who also attracted great attention after appearing in “Street Woman Fighter”, said that she felt good to see people’s perception of dancers has changed. She happily shared, “In the past, people used to think dancers were all backup dancers. Now dancer is recognized as a job. This is the best thing. My job is a dancer.”


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