Netizens are “boycotting” the last episode of “Big Mouth”, this is the reason

The preview for the finale of K-drama “Big Mouth” leaves a lot of fans in shock 

After about 2 months of airing, the MBC K-drama “Big Mouth”, which features the “visual couple” Lee Jong Suk and Im Yoona, has reached its final stage, with knots being untangled and questions being answered. 

The penultimate episode aired on September 16th, and immediately after, the preview for the finale was shown, leaving audiences in deep shock and pain.

In particular, a scene showed the female lead Mi Ho (played by Yoona), appearing at her husband’s election. 

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Here, she grabbed the mic and said, “I am not here as the wife of candidate Park Chang Ho, but rather as a victim of the radiation scandal of NK.”

Hearing his wife’s words, the male lead Park Chang Ho could not hide his surprise and pain, even shedding tears when he realized the painful truth. 

big mouth

The loving couple then stared at each other while crying, leaving netizens to wonder about how painful the finale episode would be.

In a previous episode, Mi Ho was diagnosed with the late stage of cancer, and was told to prepare her heart for the worst case scenario. 

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All the painful details eventually leading to viewers avoiding the last episode in hope of not getting wrecked by it. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • What’s happening? Why are there so many twists as we reach the end?
  • Did Mi Ho just reveal her terminal illness like that? How will Chang Ho be able to live with himself?
  • Is sad ending a trend in K-drama nowadays? Screenwriter, I beg you to reconsider
  • Time to quit watching for my peace of heart. 
  • Yeah, I’m gonna drop this series, I don’t want to see a sad ending again 
big mouth

Will there be any new plot twist in the last episode of “Big Mouth”? Tune in to find out at 22:00 (KST) on MBC. 

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