K-pop idols selected as luxury brand models…”Heated debate” why?

Global luxury brands are recently selecting K-pop idols as advertising models, and there is a heated debate over this.

According to the fashion industry on April 28th, BTS Jimin was recently selected as a global ambassador of French luxury brand Dior. Besides, BLACKPINK Jennie was selected as a representative ambassador of brand Chanel, while NewJeans Hyein and IVE An Yu Jin became the new faces of Louis Vuitton and Fendi, respectively.


Analysts say that the competition to recruit K-pop idols in the luxury goods industry has intensified as K-pop’s popularity extends beyond Asia. In addition, this phenomenon is expected to continue in the luxury goods industry as the use of idols as models actually leads to sales increase.

However, as teenagers request to purchase luxury goods one after another, many parents say they are in trouble. A, a housewife in her 40s, confessed, “My middle schooler daughter asks me to buy luxury clothes worn by idols. She says luxury fashion is popular among her classmates. I can’t buy them for her, so I feel guilty.


A music official said, “The selection of a large number of K-pop idols as luxury brand models is positive in that it raises national prestige, but there are side effects of stimulating the consumption of luxury goods by teenagers. The K-pop industry and the brand industry need to make efforts so that the focus is on building brand image rather than selling products.

Source: Newsis

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