Actress Go Hyun Jung Returns to the Drama Scene at 52 with Unbelievable Youthful Appearance

Go Hyun Jung showed off her incredibly youthful beauty at the age of 52.

Go Hyun Jung has recently impressed fans with her stunning beauty in a behind-the-scenes video from a pharmaceutical company commercial shoot. At 52 years old, Go Hyun Jung looks simply stunning and ageless, leaving viewers in awe of her youthful appearance.

Go Hyun-jung

On April 3rd, Go Hyun Jung’s agency released a behind-the-scenes video of her shooting a commercial for a pharmaceutical company on their official channels. The video showcases the actress’s beautiful smile, captivating eye contact, and even a kiss on her hand, all in just one minute and nineteen seconds.

In the video, Go Hyun Jung shows off her neat bob haircut and transparent skin, highlighting her delicate and youthful aura. Despite having experienced some physical changes in her body during her hiatus from acting, she now looks like a woman in her twenties, showing a more mature but still young and beautiful appearance. 

Netizens compare her look in this video to her appearance in the 2005 drama “Spring Day” with co-star Jo In Sung and find that she looks even younger and more beautiful now.

In an interview, Go Hyun Jung previously revealed that she enjoys walking as a daily exercise routine and even walks for 2 hours and 30 minutes with her manager every day. She also mentioned that her manager lost weight with her, and that could be one of her secrets to staying in shape and looking youthful.

Currently, Go Hyun Jung is preparing for her return to the small screen with the upcoming Netflix series “Mask Girl”. She will be playing the role of Kim Mo Mi, who relentlessly pursues her goals.

Source: Wikitree

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