IU’s phone phobia “I find it uncomfortable even when I have a call with my mom…No one can have a long call with me”

Singer-actress IU confessed that she has phone phobia.

On April 3rd, a video titled “We Will Be Happier (With Yoo In Na)” was released on IU‘s channel.

IU welcomed Yoo In Na, “She is my bestie, my genuine friend. Allow me to introduce Yoo In Na.” Yoo In Na said, “Thank you for inviting me.”

IU Yoo In Na

The two revealed that they are close friends in the entertainment industry, but they have never traveled together. IU said, “We’ve been thinking about traveling together, but we’ve been busy.” Yoo In Na pointed out their common point, “You don’t like traveling, IU, right? I used to think that I liked it, but I was told that if I really liked it, I would hit the road as soon as I wanted to travel somewhere. But I’m just all talk but no action.” IU honestly confessed, “I don’t like traveling around, to be honest. It’s really tiring to leave home. As soon as I leave home, my energy starts to drop. I can feel my internal battery is getting lower and lower.”

The two also played a telepathy game. When asked “What was the longest phone call we ever had?”, Yoo In Na shouted, “3 minutes.” IU said, “I find it difficult to have a long phone call. But you prefer to have a phone call, In Na.” Yoo In Na recalled, “You find it difficult to have a long call, which is significantly different from me.”

IU Yoo In Na

IU revealed that she has phone phobia, “I find it difficult to have a long phone call in one sitting. Even when I have a call with my mom, I find it uncomfortable. I believe that the only person I feel comfortable having a call with is my manager. Maybe it’s because we only talk shop. I even find it uncomfortable to have a long call with you, In Na. Frankly, no one can have a long call with me.”

IU introduced an anecdote in which she chatted with Yoo In Na in a somewhat unusual way, “Let’s say I made a call to In Na because I had important news to tell her. ‘What’s wrong?’ This is how she answers my call.” Yoo In Na proved that she and IU are close friends by saying, “We used to chit-chat by using only consonants. We can understand it all just by typing consonants only. We communicated with consonants for a few days.”

Source: Daum

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