Upcoming Korean Film “Hope” Starring Jo In Sung and Magneto Draws Expectations 

“Hope” is a Korean movie starring Hwang Jung Min, Jo In Sung, and Jung Ho Yeon, along with Hollywood stars Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander.

Fans of Korean cinema were delighted to learn that actors Hwang Jung Min, Jo In Sung, and Jung Ho Yeon have been cast in the upcoming film “Hope.” 


Directed by Na Hong Jin, who is known for directing hits like “The Chaser,” “The Yellow Sea,” and “The Wailing,” “Hope” centers around the residents of a secluded fishing village. After an unknown entity is spotted, the villagers embark on a search, leading to a life and death struggle to save their homes and loved ones.

Jo In Sung

In addition to the three Korean stars, “Hope” has also caught attention for featuring Hollywood actors such as Michael Fassbender, best known for his role as Magneto in the “X-Men” series, and Alicia Vikander, famous for her lead role in “Tomb Raider” and “The Danish Girl.” 

Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander have been married since 2017. They became a couple after co-starring in “The Light Between Oceans.” “Hope” marks their second collaboration on the screen. 

While the roles played by Fassbender and Vikander have not been disclosed, it is speculated that they may be playing the mysterious entity that threatens the village. 

In contrast, Hwang Jung Min portrays a rural police officer named Beom Seok, Jo In Sung plays a young hunter named Seong Gi, and Jung Ho Yeon takes on the role of a police officer named Seong Ae. 

Jeong Hoyeon

“Hope” also marks Jung Ho Yeon’s debut in the Korean film industry after gaining global recognition for her role in the hit Netflix series “Squid Game.” 

With such a star-studded cast, “Hope” is expected to make a significant impact in the Korean film industry and beyond. The film is set to begin shooting in mid-2023, and fans worldwide are excited to see the end result of this collaboration between Korean and Hollywood stars.

Source: Daum

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