“Hope”, new star-studded film by “The Wailing” director, featuring Jung Ho Yeon, Hwang Jung Min, and Jo In Sung

Director Na Hong Jin, who directed “The Chaser” and “The Wailing,” will join hands with Plus M Entertainment to produce a new film called “Hope” (tentative title).

Korean film production company, Plus M, has recently announced their investment and distribution partnership with acclaimed director Na Hong Jin for his latest film, tentatively titled “Hope”. 


This project is already creating a buzz in the film industry, not only because of Na Hong Jin’s impressive track record, which includes movies like “The Chaser” and “The Wailing”, but also because of the star-studded cast that has been confirmed.

The story of “Hope” revolves around the residents of a remote fishing village, who face a mysterious attack that threatens their livelihoods. They set out to find the source of the threat before it destroys their community. Na Hong Jin described the film as a commentary on how the actions of a few can lead to the downfall of many, a theme that he hopes to express in a unique and compelling way.


Among the cast are some of Korea’s biggest names in acting: Hwang Jung Min, Jo In Sung, and Jung Ho Yeon. Hwang Jung Min will play the role of a rural police officer named Beom Seok, who leads the investigation into the attack. Jo In Sung will portray a young hunter named Seong Gi, while Jung Ho Yeon will take on the role of a police officer named Seong Ae.

But the star power of the cast does not end there. International actor Michael Fassbender, known for his roles in “X-Men”, has also been confirmed for a role in the film. Alicia Vikander, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “The Danish Girl” and played Lara Croft in the “Tomb Raider” reboot, will also appear in the film.

jo in sung

“Hope” has been a highly anticipated project since it was first announced, and Plus M’s investment and distribution deal only adds to the excitement. According to the production company, they were drawn to the project not only because of Na Hong Jin’s exceptional talent, but also because they believe the film has the potential to become a successful intellectual property (IP) that could be expanded into various forms of media.

The film is set to begin production in mid-2023 after pre-production has been completed. 

Source: daum

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