Lisa exploded her swag with long black hair in front of an illusionary background in her new teaser

Another new concept of Lisa for her solo debut has been released.

At 0 P.M KST on September 1, YG Entertainment uploaded the second teaser for Lisa’s solo album ‘LALISA’. In this 21-second video, Lisa appeared in a new look with stunning black hair.

The footage taken at mixed angles combined with the mysterious background music to open up a delusional space that attracted great attention. Lisa’s hip-hop outfit and her long black hair made her look much more ‘swag’ . In addition, she appeared in the night with lights sparkling continuously, giving off an artistic feeling but also a little creepy vibe.

In response to the teaser, netizens gave explosive comments:

– The scene transitions are so fast, she looks like the queen of midnight

– Your outfit looks so swag

– Haven’t heard the song yet this concept makes me fall for her

– So lit !!! I love Lisa in black hair.

– Wow, the scene looks mysterious and creepy.

– That’s creepy, I got goosebumps. But Lisa is so swag.

– There is no bad teaser, she’s so lit.

– You’re the best, my queen Lisa

– Lisa in black hair is everything

Lisa will officially make her solo debut on September 10. The next teaser promises to continue to be revealed in the coming days.

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