“Doctor Cha”: 3 valuable details in the finale that make the series perfect

After its 16-episode journey, “Doctor Cha” officially came to an end. In the final episode, there were 3 valuable details that left a deep impression on the viewers.

Cha Jung Sook breaks up with her husband but doesn’t end up with Roy Kim

“Thank you. Your feelings for me shine as brightly as the spring sunlight. But, I feel too exhausted to live my life relying solely on that light.”

These were the words spoken by female lead Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa) when Doctor Roy confessed his love to her. For fans of the Jung Sook – Roy Kim couple, they might feel regretful. However, this approach by the screenwriter adds a touch of realism to the series.

In the final episode, Roy Kim confessed his love for Cha Jung Sook, but she turned him down.
In the final episode, Roy Kim confessed his love for Cha Jung Sook, but she turned him down.

After a long and unhappy marriage, Cha Jung Sook needs and wants to spend time on herself. She desires to indulge in things she wants to do, as in her younger years, she gave up her career to marry her ex-husband, Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul).

Furthermore, even though Roy Kim loves Cha Jung Sook, Cha Jung Sook considers Roy Kim a close friend with whom she can share the ups and downs of life. Therefore, her choice to turn him down is in line with the character’s mindset.

Doctor cha ending
Now, Cha Jung Sook seeks simple tranquility and dedicates time to love herself.

On the other hand, if these two had ended up together, the ending of “Doctor Cha” would have been ordinary and even a little forced. Seeing that Cha Jung Sook had just divorced Seo In Ho, her husband of 20 years, it is not easy for her to simply move on. At the time, she only desired simple peace rather than a romantic relationship. 

Perhaps in the future, she may fall in love with someone else. But that is a story for the future, when she truly feels herself ready for it. In addition, Roy Kim was also able to move on, as after the timeskip, he can be seen happy with another love. 

Seo In Ho cries alone, imagining a happy family scene

Seo In Ho deeply regrets his own mistakes. The scene where this character sits and cries in his office touched many viewers.

Doctor cha ending

Another noteworthy detail in the final episode of “Doctor Cha” is when the male lead, Seo In Ho, becomes a hospital director. However, instead of cheering over this moment, he sits alone in his office, imagining a joyful atmosphere with his wife and child coming to congratulate him.

Due to his own mistakes, Seo In Ho lost the happiness with his good wife and ended up regretting it. This serves as a message to all viewers, reminding them to always cherish those who are by their side and love them.

Doctor cha ending
On the day Seo In Ho and Cha Jung Sook officially divorced, Seo In Ho was extremely saddened.

Cha Jung Sook and Seo In Ho can meet as friends, and time will heal everything

In his career, Seo In Ho is a talented person. However, in his marriage, he is a failure as he was a cheater who couldn’t bring happiness to his wife. Nevertheless, in the end, Seo In Ho realizes his major mistakes and tries to make up for them. This is shown when this character leaves a building for his ex-wife and even donates his liver to save her.

With what he has done, he earns the female lead’s forgiveness and the chance to find peace for himself. Time can heal all wounds, and by the time the series transitions to three years later, Seo In Ho can comfortably meet his ex-wife again, this time as friends.

Doctor cha ending
Time can heal all wounds, and in the end, all the characters find their own peace and joy

It can be seen that even though no couple ends up together in the end, the way the screenwriter allows each character to feel content with their choices leaves the audience without any sense of regret. 

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