“Doctor Cha” ending: Cha Jung Sook & Seo In Ho divorced, Min Woo Hyuk did not confess, Cha Jung Sook’s ‘doctor’ dream came true

“Doctor Cha” Uhm Jung Hwa achieved her dream of becoming a doctor after divorcing Kim Byung Chul in the last episode.

In the final episode of JTBC’s Sat-Sun drama “Doctor Cha”, which aired on June 4th, Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa) received a liver transplant from Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul).

Earlier, Seo In Ho and Roy Kim argued with each other over Cha Jung Sook’s liver transplant surgery. As Cha Jung Sook appeared at that time, the two asked her to make a final decision, saying “It’s your choice. Whose liver do you want to receive among us? Let’s end it here”.

Doctor cha ending

Cha Jung Sook replied, “I don’t know. Whose liver should I receive?”, adding “My decision is…”, then pointed at the motorbike. She continued, “I want to ride it”, then firmly said, “And I’m not going to receive both your livers. I won’t take anyone’s liver. I’ll take care of it myself so just stop fighting.” After that, Cha Jung Sook enjoyed a ride on the motorbike with Roy Kim.

However, Cha Jung Sook’s condition did not improve with only drug treatments. Roy Kim said, “I suspect that there’s an acute liver failure”, adding “A transplant is necessary in this situation. Please change your mind. And give me a chance to save you, teacher”. However, Cha Jung Sook did not answer him. She was then allowed to go out. Cha Jung Sook met her friend Baek Mi Hee (Baek Joo Hee) and tearfully confessed, “Even if I get a liver transplant, will it guarantee that it won’t happen again? I’m afraid that innocent people will suffer because of me”.

In the meantime, Seo In Ho stamped the divorce papers. He told Cha Jung Sook, “Here are the divorce papers. I know you don’t want to depend on me for the liver transplant for fear that it could be used against you as a weakness. I thought that if I perform the surgery and beg for your forgiveness in a pitiful manner, you, who is often soft-heartened, wouldn’t be able to refuse me. That’s why I brought them here.”

Doctor cha ending

He then expressed his sincerity, saying “I will divorce you and will not hold on to you with a pitiful manner anymore. So get the surgery. That’s the only way you can live. Let me repent for my mistakes like that. I’m afraid that if I continue to meet you, I won’t be able to let you go. Even if we part ways, I still want to meet you as the mother of our children sometimes”. Did Seo In Ho’s sincerity reach Cha Jung Sook? She eventually made the decision to undergo surgery and agreed to receive a liver transplant from Seo In Ho. 

Cha Jung Sook and Seo In Ho have finalized their divorce by mutual agreement. Seo In Ho expressed his remorse and gratitude, saying, “Thank you for being my wife and the mother of our children. You were not lacking in any way.” Cha Jung Sook responded, “I don’t only have bad memories. There were also many good memories. Take care.” With that, the two of them parted ways after shaking hands.

Afterward, Seo In Ho, who has become a hospital director, sat alone in his office, recalling Cha Jung Sook and her family congratulating him and shedding tears of regret. 

On the other hand, Choi Eun Seo (So Ah Rin), the daughter of Choi Seung Hee (Myung Se Bin), upon learning about the divorce, grabbed her mother and said, “Dad should also hold on to you at least once. That’s how it’s fair.” Choi Eun Seo then revealed the divorce to Choi Seung Hee, but Choi Seung Hee only smiled and didn’t say anything.

Doctor cha ending

In particular, Roy Kim confessed his feelings to Cha Jung Sook, “Will you really never forget? There’s one way not to forget for a lifetime. It’s to keep me by your side forever.” He added, “Actually, I like Doctor Cha. It’s something I’ve held onto for quite some time, and now I finally say it out loud.

However, Cha Jung Sook rejected Roy Kim’s confession, saying, “Thank you. Your gesture shines like the spring sunlight, dazzling my eyes. But for me, it seems a bit tiring to live just by looking at that spring sunlight. Now, ordinary day-to-day life is precious to me.”

She continued, “I hope you meet a woman who truly suits you in every way, not someone like me. I hope you get married, enjoy your newlywed life, have one or two children, go through thick and thin together, and grow old gracefully. You might think I’m old-fashioned, but that’s my sincere wish.

Three years later, Cha Jung Sook obtains a specialist certification and opens a family medicine clinic under her own name. 

On the other hand, Roy Kim meets a new lover, while Cha Jung Sook enjoys her own life, occasionally meeting Seo In Ho for medical volunteer work. She lives her life, saying, “I am grateful for seeing everything that is alive. That’s why I believe I am happy at this moment, just as it is.”

Source: Nate

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