Lee Hyori revealed a heart-fluttering message she received from husband Lee Sangsoon in the past

Lee Hyori shared about the first time she had her heart fluttered by her husband. 

On June 1st, episode 8 of Studio HOOK’s reality show “Shoveling Today 2” with Lee Hyori’s guest appearance, was posted on YouTube. 

lee hyo ri

Lee Hyori teased Jung Jaehyung by saying, “Did you get a video of us surfing? Do you think you’re hip? Stop trying so hard to be hip.” She continued, “This oppa judges people based on their fashion. Don’t you see the way he was scanning you up and down?” Lee Hyori then confidently said the reason why she was wearing whatever is because she herself is a luxury. 

Jung Jaehyung told Lee Hyori, “You got married because of me. How did your life change?” Jung Jaehyung was close to Lee Hyori, so he arranged a blind date for her and Lee Sangsoon. He thought they would match well. In response, Lee Hyori jokingly said, “My life turned depressing. My successful life… It’s all because of you,” prompting laughter. 

lee hyo ri

Lee Hyori then recalled the day when love first blossomed between her and Lee Sangsoon. She shared, “When we were drinking after your concert (Jung Jaehyung’s concert), I went home first and received a text message from Sangsoon.”

Lee Sangsoon wrote, “This place is boring without you.” This message made Lee Hyori wonder if Lee Sangsoon was flirting with her. 

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