Lending 200 million won in a heartbeat? MONSTA X Hyungwon shocked the scene

Members of boy group MONSTA X coolly showed off their strong friendship as Hyungwon agreed to lend money to I.M with no hesitation.

On June 9th, the new episode of YouTube show “My Alcohol Diary”, which is titled “What is it? Im Changkyun is cute? MONSTA X’s representative princess, I.M” was published, featuring MONSTER X I.M as a guest.

lee young ji

In the same episode, I.M was assigned the mission to call a group member on the spot, asked them to lend him some money, and prompt them to say the words “Cutie” and “I love you”. If he fails, I.M would have to drink a shot as a penalty. 

As a result, I.M decided to call Hyungwon out of the blue and started to tease the other by saying, “How was your day today?” and “You were so cute today”.

In response, Hyungwon laughed awkwardly and said, “Oh my god.”

Since his previous attempt didn’t work, I.M continued, “I’m doing something today, and it’s a bit cute. Give me some compliments”, to which Hyungwon responded, “You did well today” and “Today will brighten your future”.


I.M, who failed again, then changed his approach and asked directly, “Bro, lend me some money.”

At this, Hyungwon asked, “How much?”, before calmly accepting and saying, “100 million? 200 million? I will call you later.”

While listening to this, the MC, Lee Young Ji expressed her shock at Hyungwon’s coolness and exclaimed, “What? That was a prank, right?”

It seems that MONSTA X members are super close, to the point of lending money without hesitation. 

Source: Wikitree

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