“Doctor Cha” Lee Seo Yeon, “I got emotional every time I looked into Uhm Jung Hwa’s eyes. She was like a real mom to me”

Actress Lee Seo Yeon talked about acting alongside senior Uhm Jung Hwa as mother and daughter in “Doctor Cha”.

Lee Seo Yeon played the role of Seo Yi Rang, the daughter of Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa) and Seo In Ho (Kim Byung Chul) in JTBC’s Sat-Sun drama “Doctor Cha”, which ended recently on June 4th.

“Doctor Cha” depicts the struggles of Cha Jung Sook (Uhm Jung Hwa), who becomes a first-year resident after being a housewife for 20 years. Recording a viewership peak of 18.5% in the last episode (according to Nielsen Korea), “Doctor Cha” ranked fourth among JTBC’s series with the highest ratings of all time, and received enthusiastic love from drama fans.

Lee Seo yeon

Lee Seo Yeon perfectly expressed the complex emotions of Seo Yi Rang and portrayed the changed appearances of her character throughout the drama, from an innocent high school student at the beginning of the story to a mature young woman in the last episode. Her impressive acting contributed greatly to the success of “Doctor Cha”.

In an interview with OSEN after the drama ended, Lee Seo Yeon, who returned to the small screen after two years due to the preparation for the university entrance exam, shared, “I was very happy to work with so many amazing people. Not only the actors, but the director, the writer, and the staff members all had great affection for the project. Seeing everyone’s sincerity at work, I also felt the need to be sincere. I always felt grateful and warm on the set, and I think I will remember everything about this drama for a long time.”

Lee Seo yeon

Regarding her mother and daughter chemistry with senior actress Uhm Jung Hwa in the drama, Lee Seo Yeon said, “Of course, I acted considering her as my mother, but as the story progressed, the situation for Cha Jeong Sook got worse. Whenever I acted alongside the senior, I got emotional every time I looked into her eyes. I actually choked up, and I think senior Uhm Jung Hwa has the power to captivate others with her eye acting.”

Currently, Uhm Jung Hwa is also showcasing her aspect as a singer in the variety show “Dancing Queens on the Road”. When asked if there is any difference between actress Uhm Jung Hwa and singer Uhm Jung Hwa, Lee Seo Yeon replied, “There is no difference. She was also very energetic on set. Even when she was not in good condition, she brightened up the atmosphere. That’s why I find her dancing and singing performances very lovely.”

Source: Nate

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