MTV called Seulgi’s “28 Reasons” one of 2022’s best releases and “tip of the iceberg”

Red Velvet Seulgi’s first solo album has received the attention of the US music site MTV. 

On October 7th (local time), MTV, a major American music media, published an article called “bop shop”, and selected Red Velvet Seulgi’s solo debut “28 Reasons” as a major feature.

In particular, MTV said, “Releasing her first-ever solo EP, lead vocalist Seulgi dives deep into her soul and takes a trip to the dark side with ‘28 Reasons’. Its title track, a moody and mysterious mid-tempo, focuses on the duality of life. Lyrically examining the human psyche, Seulgi describes the way both good and evil exist simultaneously and the dangerous tightrope we all walk as a result.”


Then, the media outlet added, “Such duality is also reflected sonically, as the track juxtaposes an electronic, bass-led melody with Seulgi’s signature sweet, sultry vocals. The striking visual utilizes advanced technology and lighting design to highlight the K-pop ace’s many talents, especially at the choreography-heavy chorus.”

“With “28 Reasons,” Seulgi reveals her immense depth and thoughtfulness as an artist bursting with creativity. “28 Reasons” is one of 2022’s best releases, and is seemingly only the tip of the iceberg”, it concluded.


In addition, the performance video of “28 Reasons”, which was released through the official YouTube of Red Velvet at 0 o’clock (KST) on October 10th, has drawn attention for showcasing 

Seulgi’s unique performance with both elegant charm and restrained intensity.

Seulgi thumbnail

The performance of “28 Reasons” adds layers to the song with a combination of Seulgi’s delicate expressive power, such as hand movements that make the number 28, with the choreography composition of a fascinating atmosphere.

On the other hand, Seulgi will appear on the October 10th broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “BTOB’s Kiss the Radio”.

Source: MTV

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