Davichi’s Kang Min-kyung Laughs At Lee Hae-ri’s 19+ Slip Of The Tongue, “I Doubted My Ears”

Davichi members Kang Min-kyung and Lee Hae-ri showed off their pleasant chemistry

On October 6th, Kang Min-kyung uploaded a video revealing Davichi carrying out their schedules on her YouTube channel.

After finishing her schedule for a university festival, Kang Min-kyung said, “I made the nickname Soo-jeong for the students but Hae-ri unnie said ‘So-joong’.”

Davichi Lee Hae-ri

A short clip was released. After the performance, Kang Min-kyung asked Lee Hae-ri, “I have a question. I almost stopped singing in the middle of the performance. You said ‘So-joong’, right?”. She continued, “I really doubted my ears and thought, ‘There’s nothing this unnie can’t say’. Of course, you guys are very precious to us, but sometimes it is used in a different way”, making everyone at the scene burst into laughter.

(*so-joong means ‘precious’ but can also be used to refer to a sensitive body part)

Davichi Lee Hae-ri

Recalling the moment she told the students, “I came to meet precious friends”, Lee Hae-ri couldn’t stop laughing. She said, “But I think they liked it”. However, Kang Min-kyung teased Lee Hae-ri, saying, “How can they not like it? It’s really funny.”

At the end of the video, Kang Min-kyung smiled and emphasized, “We think you guys are precious people to us. Don’t interpret it in a different way and post it online”. 

Davichi Lee Hae-ri

Meanwhile, Davichi made their debut in 2008 and gained huge love after receiving various hit songs, such as “Love and War”, “8282”, “My Man”, “Time, Please Stop”, etc.

Source: Nate

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